Suedburg Workshop

Südburg Workshop

Organizers: Elisabeth Rieken and Petra Goedegebuure

The Südburg inscription, attributed to a king Šuppiliuma, is one of the most enigmatic Hieroglyphic Luwian inscriptions of the second millennium BC. Quite a few scholars have tried to decipher the large number of unique logograms, identify and establish the meaning of lexemes, or clarify the syntax and the discourse structure. This has resulted in different views regarding the nature of the events presented in the inscription, the geographical spread of these events, and, last but not least, the attribution of the inscription to Šuppiluliuma I or II. Fortunately the conference will be attended by several experts in Hieroglyphic Luwian, and we therefore invite everyone, expert or not, to participate in this workshop to discuss some or all of the following topics:

  • The reading of especially the geographical place names. For example, what location is hiding behind TONITRUS(URBS)?
  • The meaning of lexemes
  • Syntax and sentence boundaries
  • The date of the text

The handcopy and transliteration of the inscription will be made available in advance.

The following materials are available for download: